A research book “Developments of Harmonic Maps, Wave Maps and Yang-Mills Fields into Biharmonic Maps, Biwave Maps and Bi-Yang-Mills Fields” (xxi+399 pages, 420 pages total) by Yuan- Jen Chiang, was published in the series of “Frontiers in Mathematics”  by Birkhauser, Springer, Basel in Europe in 2013 at







Introduction, pages i-xxi.

Chapter 1: Harmonic Maps, pages 1-83.

Chapter 2: Wave Maps, pages 85-162.

Chapter 3: Yang-Mills Fields, pages 163-242.

Chapter 4: Biharmonic Maps, pages 243-304.

Chapter 5: Biwave Maps, pages 305-338.

Chapter 6: Bi-Yang-Mills Fields, pages 339-350.

Chapter 7: Exponential Harmonic Maps, pages 351-357.

Chapter 8: Exponential Wave Maps, pages 359-370.

Chapter 9: Exponential Yang-Mills Connetions, pages 370-378.

Bibliography, pages 379-395.

Index, pages 397-399.




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